ALTAMONT, GRUNDY COUNTY (WRCB) - A woman who identifies herself as the mother of a Pelham Elementary School student sexually harassed by a cafeteria school worker, says she concerned for her son's protection.

It started in March when Grundy County deputies arrested Tina Harris.

Investigators say she sent explicit text messages to the teenage boy, even nude pictures and videos of herself.

The boy's mother found the pictures on his cell phone, but says her son wouldn't go into details.

"I don't know if he is embarrassed by it or terrified by it but he will not talk to us about it," says the mother of the teen.

Harris was charged with sexual battery of a minor.

If convicted she would have faced jail time and been entered on the sex offenders registry, but that didn't happen.

According to the District Attorney's office, she accepted a plea for solicitation of a minor after an agreement with the family.

The boy's mother disagrees. She says she never agreed to anything.

The District Attorney's office said Harris had no prior record they were aware of and that may have contributed to the lesser charge.

The boy's mother is concerned because she says Harris continues to harass her son. "Even after being arrested, she was at my son's school. She was at his graduation."

Since the events of that day, the family says there is one more bridge for the teenage boy to cross. That is a long road to recovery.

"He refuses to talk about the incident and he refuses therapy, which he needs," says the boy's mother.

Harris is due for sentencing September 21, 2010.