Story by Fatima Rahmatullah

Eyewitness News Reporter

CALHOUN, GORDON COUNTY (WRCB) - Georgia State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine says it is a case of Arson.  Someone apparently tampered with the gas line into the house.  The explosion that took place last April leveled one home and damaged 60 others. 

Owner Edward Reid says, "It's a miracle that no one was seriously injured. I know people were hurt but many people could have been killed."

His house is just a few houses away from the house that exploded in the Saddlebrook Subdivision.  That home and another home were destroyed.  Reid's home is one the many damaged. 

He says, " We came up to the house and all the windows many of the windows were blown in. The front door was blown in and at that point, it's a shock."

Reid doesn't understand why anyone would do this intentionally.

Reid says, "Frankly I'm sad by the fact that, that happened for several reasons. One I don't know what kind of problem a person would have to cause that type of damage to other peoples' property."

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine says this is simply a case of arson.

"On that day, person or persons unknown were in the house. That person intentionally tampered with the gas lines inside the house and that caused the house to explode."

He says many common home appliances could have reacted with the natural gas and caused the explosion.

"There are electrical sparks continuously in houses. When a house of any nature fills up with natural gas it's simply a matter of one of these sparks could have ignited the explosion."

Investigators know where the explosion originated but won't release that information.  They are now looking for the person or people who may have tampered with the gas line.