CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – The specially appointed district attorney general investigating the Chattanooga city attorney says he's met with the city's lawyer.

The office of District Attorney General Russell Johnson, of Kingston, confirmed in a press release Monday that Johnson has been appointed district attorney pro-tem in the matter involving Chattanooga City Attorney Michael McMahan.

It was discovered in a recent audit that McMahan was using city dollars for the upkeep of his personal law office.

On Friday, General Johnson and Assistant District Attorney General Bill Reedy met with McMahan and his attorney, Sam Elliot, to get their side of the story.

In the meeting, Johnson and McMahan discussed memos from the Chattanooga Internal Auditor and the Tennessee State Comptroller's Office.

Johnson says he will provide a summary of the discussion to the Auditor and the Comptroller's Office and will allow the two agencies to respond to McMahan's statements.

From the meeting General Johnson says he also obtained a more detailed account of the history of the city attorney's relationship with the City of Chattanooga.