by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

ALTAMONT, GRUNDY COUNTY (WRCB) – Rebecca Verwulst held her 3-year-old son a little tighter after hearing a teacher's aid and parent got into an altercation Thursday at North Elementary School in Altamont.

She has two sons who attend the school and usually tell her about their day, but in this case they didn't mention what happened. In fact, no one told her.

Verwulst said, "It is alarming because these teachers are working with our next generation. If they are bringing these type of influences to the school then what type of message does that send to the kids?"

The director of schools wasn't notified until the next day, but protocol says he should have been notified immediately.

He says the confrontation took place in the school's main office.

It involved the teacher's aid walking a child out the school when asked not to.

He denies the claim that this is another cover-up by the school system.

Newsome said, "I received a statement from a concerned parent requesting a formal investigation. As far as a cover up goes, that I don't know anything about. I will say there are some questions to be asked."

One of those is whether the school's administrators will be disciplined for a late notice.

Newsome said it's too early to determine.

Verwulst said being left out in the dark is something the school system should not tolerate.

Verwulst said, "I want to see proper action. I hate to see people losing there job in a recession, but we can't have that in the schools."

The teacher's aid was removed from the school today and is on unpaid leave.

The parent involved is allowed on the school grounds.

We are told the TBI has been notified and will investigate the situation.