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Near kidnapping victim returns to bus stop Monday

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Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- It's a parent's worst nightmare, a man tried to lure a middle school girl into his car while she was waiting for the school bus.

The 12-year-old got away.  Now her parents are on high alert.

The 12-year-old girl hid in a car for four hours Friday while the predator repeatedly drove up and down her street.

It wasn't until she knew her mother came home on her lunch break that she felt safe enough to get out and tell her parents what happened.

"I was just frightened," says Excellent Character, describing the moment his daughter told him she'd almost been kidnapped.  "It caught me off guard.  It was just a scary feeling all at once." 

Excellent Character and his wife Natasha know how lucky they are as they spend time with their 12-year-old daughter Anue Sunday afternoon.

"It could have been nobody but God," says Natasha.  "He had his hands of protection on her." 

It began as an ordinary day with 12-year-old Anue waiting at her bus stop at 7 a.m.  Only Friday she wasn't alone at the stop sign, when a man in a white truck pulled up next to her and asked if she wanted some candy.

"She was taught to say no to strangers, but he pulled up right up on her," says her father. 

The man tried to grab her, but Anue pulled free and started running.

"She told us he jumped out of the truck and ran behind her," says Character. 

Anue managed to get out of sight and hide inside an unlocked car.  The 12-year-old stayed there while the man drove up and down her road, she says 15 to 20 times. Anue stayed put for the next four hours when she knew her mother was home for lunch.

"She was crying and hysterical and I asked her, I said, 'Anue what's wrong?' And I looked at the clock and I said, 'why aren't you in school?'," says Natasha Character.

After the frenzy of talking to police, friends and family members all day Friday the family did they best to recover over the weekend. But tomorrow Anue has to go back to school.

"I'm going to be at the bus stop with her," says Natasha.

The parents say more than anything they're proud of their daughter's quick thinking.

"She did what she knew was right at the time and that did save her life and I'm proud of her," says Natasha.

Police say the man is about 50-years-old. He's thin, with brown and gray hair.

He was driving a white pickup truck with several scratches.

If you have information, call police.

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