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Niota woman arrested in Florida for drug paraphernalia

NIOTA, TN. (WRCB)-- A woman from Niota, Tennessee was arrested in Charlotte County, Florida Wednesday after a patrol deputy witnessed suspicious activity from a van parked in a pharmacy lot on Olean Boulevard at around 9AM.

Kelly Renee Mowery, age 24, was sitting in the van with three others waiting for the pharmacy to open. All four said they had appointments with a Miami physician and were waiting to have their prescriptions for oxycontin filled.

The officer noticed Mowery shuffling through her purse, prompting him to search the van. Consent was given and two straws were found in Mowery's purse that tested positive for opiates.

The other three individuals were released, but Mowery was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. She was taken to the Charlotte County Jail and during a strip search, officers found two more straws in Mowery's body cavity.

Mowery posted bail set at $1,000 and was released. 

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