RINGGOLD, CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) – The Ringgold police chief tells Eyewitness News one person is in custody at the FSG bank and the situation has been resolved.

Chief Wilburn Dycus says Georgia Bureau of Investigation Bomb Squad found no bomb and no hostages at the FSG bank on Poplar Springs Road in Ringgold.

Officials say the suspect is Timothy Kellum of Chatham County, Georgia.

According to Chief Dycus, Kellum called the bank and told bank employees that a bomb would detonate in the bank if they didn't place the money he demanded outside the door.

Instead, Dycus says bank employees called 911 at 2:19 p.m.

Police blocked off Poplar Springs and Alabama Highway and evacuated the area until the GBI could determine that the scene was safe.

Police tell WRCB-TV they found weapons and survival gear in Kellum's vehicle.

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