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Hospice patient pays property tax through a yard sale

Story by Kay Blevins

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Our sluggish economy has effected every family.

One 86-year-old woman with Hospice is using a yard sale to help raise money to pay for her property taxes.

Betty Jones says she looks forward to this yard sale every year. It not only helps her meet a lot of new people, but also helps her pay her property taxes.

Betty Jones is a Hospice patient. She suffers from congestive heart failure and high blood pressure.

Jones is on a fixed income and struggles to pay her property tax bill every year. The yard sale is something she does three times year for extra cash to pay her bill.

"If she didn't have this yard sale would she be able to pay her property taxes? Probably not? Not without somebody in the family helping her," says Jones.

People around the community come to Jones' home and drop off items Betty turns into cash.

"At Christmas time, before Christmas, everybody cleans out their house, they bring it all to Betty," says Jones.

With the help of Hospice of Chattanooga volunteers, Betty sets up her yard sale, something that means a lot to her family and friends.

"They take really good care of her. She has been blessed," says Peggy Burke.

Jones has to come up with at least a couple hundred dollars, and with the recent property tax increase, she now has to find even more.

"We have been having these for 20 years, and God just blesses us, and blesses us. As long as He furnishes it, that's as long as we will have it," says Jones.

Betty also loves to give back to the community. She learned to crochet in the orphanage where she spent much of her childhood.

"My mother died when I was five. My daddy was a fireman and he didn't make enough money to take care of all of us," says Jones.

Now she uses her talent to make countless baby booties for some of the youngest Hospice patients, even though she is sick herself.

Jones is known for inspiring others and thankful for the donations from the community.

"It makes me feel wonderful that people care enough about us to bring us things," says Jones.

The yard sale continues Friday and whatever remains will be given to those in need.

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