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UPDATED: Group turns in more signatures for mayor recall

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By Antwan Harris

Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) -- Chris Brooks with the Chattanooga Organized for Action handed off more recall signatures to the election commission Wednesday as the group inches closer to the required 9,000 to recall Mayor Ron Littlefield.

Brooks is confident the recall will happen.

"100 percent. That's because I have seen the fire in the volunteers and they are wanting to get this done. I have seen the eagerness in the people willing to sign," says Brooks.

The coalition has been collecting signatures since late May even protesting outside City Hall.

The recall efforts started after Mayor Littlefield proposed a 33 percent property tax increase.

Jim Faulkner said he is concerned the city budget will remain in the red, even with new revenue from the tax hike.

"To me it seems like the government is wasteful and wants to spend on things that aren't essential," says Faulkner.

Members in the same group also have filed petitions to recall Councilmen Jack Benson and Manny Rico.

This comes on the heels of Rico abruptly ending a July 28th meeting citing many of the public speakers had not followed the city code of only speaking twice a month.

Brooks claims council refused people their right to free speech.

"And this is what our campaign has been about. Accountability and transparency. We have been holding leaders accountable because they refuse to answer for what they have been doing," says Brooks.

Rebekah Marr says she supported Rico since he was elected to council.

Members of the recall group claim Rico has avoided civic groups, even the police when questioned on city matters.

Marr disagrees, she says it's completely the opposite.

"He is always there and shows up. He is a dependable person in public office," says Marr.

If the group collects enough signatures by end of August, it doesn't make the recall automatic.

It would then go on the November ballot for a final vote from the people.

We asked Mayor Littlefield for a comment, and he declined.

 If Mayor Littlefield is recalled and chooses not to run, the Council Chair will take over.


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