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PTA, parents join debate on Hunter Road complex

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By Fatima Rahmatullah

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A controversial apartment complex on Hunter Road could get a green light Tuesday night.

Council members are expected to vote on a rezoning request for the new development.

Home owners are against the complex.

The Hamilton County council of PTAs backed the residents saying more development will only create more traffic.

Residents hope this apartment complex request is denied at Tuesday's Chattanooga City Council meeting

Mike Wilson has lived on Hunter Road for 60 years.  Right across from his home is where the proposed 230-unit apartment complex building may be built if the city approves this rezoning. "This is my residence and homeplace on this side of the road. This is the proposed apartments on the other side of the road,"

Wilson says the complex will add hundreds of extra cars to the already difficult traffic conditions on Hunter Road.  "The PTA president, Tim Hixson has endorsed us Ooltewah Citizens for Responsible Growth. We feel like, and he does also, that this is a safety issue for the children."

President of Hamilton County Council of PTAs says not only are children standing by the road waiting for buses, but traffic is increased by parents driving their children to and from school. 

"I have a lot of concerns with them at this point. Right now are not actually allowed this area without supervision," says Hixson.

Gwinny Stevens is living next to the proposed apartment complex property.  She's also concerned about car wrecks.  "I have a 9-year-old daughter that rides the school bus everyday and there's two bus stops right here already, sometimes three if there's a child here in this neighborhood. And right where the apartments will go will be the fourth bus stop and it's just not safe.  We've seen many accidents."

Accidents that have taken place right across from her house she says. 

"I'm hoping for a victory. I really do hope and pray that the council will see that this is a single family dwelling," says Stevens.

Council members will consider the rezoning request at Tuesday's meeting.

Tuesday is just a first reading on the ordinance. If approved, the council should take the final vote next week.

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