Story by Antwan Harris

Eyewitness News Reporter

WALKER COUNTY (WRCB)-- A drug bust in Chickamauga landed nine people in jail and police suspect more are involved.

Police say it was part of an undercover investigation.

They believe teenagers were the targets.

Neighbors say this drug raid hit too close to home.

Neighbors near the raid say they have seen a lot of late night activity at the park right across the street.

It's the same place police would go undercover and buy drugs from the suspects

Eight individuals, and a juvenile, are now behind bars after police say they were part of a prescription drug ring in Chickamauga.

After numerous complaints from area businesses about the "Jamaican Me Tan Salon", police conducted a three-month undercover operation to snuff out the criminals.

"Our informants would make several buys of medications and sometimes marijuana, but mainly prescription meds," says Chickamauga Police Chief Michael Haney.

Police say the ring leaders Charles and Tina Hill sold prescription xanax and hydrocodone out of their home.

We questioned a woman inside the home about the raid, but she refused to comment.

Neighbors told police they noticed an unusual amount of traffic coming in and out the house as late as two in the morning.

"In this small town, everybody, knows everybody. It was various complaints," says Chief Haney.

Along a gravel path is where many of the drug deals would go down. Neighbors say they would see cars line the area during late hours of the night.

"There is not much you can do in the park that late so we were suspicious, definitely," says neighbor Charity Painter.

The undercover sting took police to the park across the street from Charity Painter.

She became skeptical after seeing teenagers piled there after dark.

"Especially when we saw two cars parked. We didn't know if it was some teens out late, but it definitely looked suspicious and we wondered," says Painter.

Police already banned people from the park after dark because of neighbor complaints.

Police are still searching for two more suspects and tell me the undercover operation costs about $1500.