HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)-- A search for a missing Chattanooga man has turned into a death investigation.

Family members had been looking for 50-year-old Terry Shull for a few days when they found his body.

Shull's family members tell me he loved to go riding and when he didn't return Shull's family filed a missing person's report.

It was his cell phone that finally led to some answers.

"So you just got to stay on your side of the road and watch your speed going around the curve," says Velma Varner.

After two days of suspense, a Chattanooga family has closure Sunday night but not the kind they wanted.

When Terry Shull didn't return from his motorcycle ride Friday or Saturday his family contacted police and started hanging flyers.

"Last night my son was coming home late he could not get through," says Varner.

Velma Varner lives at the top of Bakewell Mountain and leases the woods off Retro Hughes Road to hunt. Her son couldn't get through because authorities were retrieving Shull's body.

"Yes, it's very sad. Anyone to lose their life very, very sad," says Varner.

Varner says because of the scenery, motorcycle and four-wheeler traffic on windy Retro Hughes Road is common.

"It's a little bit dangerous in spots, especially around the curves," says Varner.

Curvy road signs are common as you drive up the mountain. Varner says coming down can get even trickier. Authorities believe Shull was traveling too fast for conditions and couldn't make the curve. Blue paint tells the story of where his bike went off the road.

"Slow down on the curve, make sure you're on your side of the road as far as you can because other traffic will cut the corner sharp and you'll be right on them," says Varner.

Authorities say the crash site showed no evidence of braking on or near the roadway. He was wearing a helmet. Shull's body was taken to the Hamilton County Forensic Center for an autopsy. The crash is still under investigation by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.