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Catoosa Magistrate wants feds to look into his case

By Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News

RINGGOLD, CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - Wednesday more problems unfolded for Catoosa County Magistrate Judge Anthony Peters.

He was released Wednesday from jail on trespassing charges and wants to go back to work, even though he can't get back in his office.

Peters believes there is a conspiracy against him and he accuses other judges of denying him his day in court.

Anthony Peters sits at home eager to get back to his office at the Catoosa County courthouse. The only problem, the Chief Magistrate won't let him back in.

Peters was escorted out of the courthouse in handcuffs in June and since then has made several attempts to get back in, only to be turned around.

He says there is a simple solution.

"A resolution can come out of this," Judge Peters says. "Let me go back to work."

Peters turned himself in to authorities Wednesday morning after being formally charged with criminal trespass.

He says the June arrest began with a meeting where the chief Magistrate Judge wanted Peters to work a night shift.

He says it was a bad idea.

"Because it would end up costing the taxpayers more money because they'd have to provide security and everything else," Judge Peters says.

That's when the Chief Magistrate put Peters on administrative leave and told him to leave the office.

Peters refused saying the Chief Magistrate didn't have the power to do so.

"I told him, only the Supreme Court of Georgia can do that. And he proceeded to tell me to leave the building," Peters recalls.

Peters says if and when he gets back into the building will be up to the courts. In the meantime he has reached out to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas pleading his case.

Peters says facing his peers, would be a challenge.

"It would be hard to face those people, Peters says. "And I will tell you, that I do feel anger towards them."

Peters says he is operating on a paid leave, but believes the courts have no authority to do so.

Chief Judge William Boyett of the Conasauga Judicial Circuit was called in as a special judge to hear the matter. Tuesday, Boyett denied all of Peter's warrant requests while issuing the warrants against the magistrate judge.

Peters says he was not present at that hearing and therefore Judge Boyett did not hear his side of the story. Peters posted a $1,000 bond.

Peters says he wants the federal government to look into the Conasauga Judicial Circuit.

We called Sheriff Phil Summers and Judge William Boyett for comment, but they were unavailable.




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