Each week, Channel 3 Eyewitness News Anchor Jed Mescon investigates the health department records for restaurants in the Tennessee Valley. You can see his Restaurant Report Card every Friday on Eyewitness News Live at Five...


Failing Scores:

Hixson Pike
Score: 68


*Spoiled Produce
*Employees Drinking Out of Open Containers

*CRITICAL: Major Plumbing Violation in Dish Sink


Hixson Pike
Score: 69


*Improper Temperatures on Buffet Bar

*No Cold Water in Prep Hand Sink
*Pork Chops at Unsafe Temperature

*CRITICAL: Waste Water Leaking in the Kitchen


Stone Cup Coffee
Frazier Avenue
Score: 63


*Employees not washing hands

*Floors in Bad Repair

*No hand soap in kitchen hand sink

*Door from kitchen to outside not closing, allowing flies in


High Score

Café Romaine
Brainerd Road
Score: 97