Fleischmann wins 3rd Congressional nomination

Chattanooga attorney Chuck Fleischmann has won the GOP primary in southeast Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District.

AP declares Haslam GOP Governor nominee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam has won Tennessee's Republican gubernatorial nomination after a contentious- and expensive - 19-month campaign.


Tennessee Sec. of State website crashes Election Night

The Secretary of State's office is scrambling after servers overloaded on Election night.

Tre Hargett tweeted shortly after the polls closed "Our server is having issues with so many counties reporting at once."

Currently the official state election results website is down. 

WRCB is still gathering information from the individual counties to keep you up to date.


Haslam takes initial lead in GOP Governor Primary

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The polls have closed in Tennessee's Republican gubernatorial primary, bringing an end to an expensive 19-month campaign that had become increasingly contentious.

With less than 1% of precincts reporting, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam's had 11,726 votes, or 45%, to state Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey's 9,273 votes, or 36%. U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp had 4,623 votes, or 18%.

In the closing days of the race, Wamp ratcheted up claims that Haslam would be likely to consider a state income tax to help cure the state's financial woes, a charge Haslam vehemently denied.

Haslam, the dominant fundraiser in the campaign, stressed his executive experience as mayor and as president of the family owned Pilot Corp. truck stop chain.

Ramsey expected significant support among tea party enthusiasts and from gun rights supporters.

Polls are closed

Polls across the state are now closed and the votes are being counted. 

Results will be posted here


Campaign photos arrive on Eyewitness

Photos are rolling in on Eyewitness.wrcbtv.com. Check out photos submitted by the Wamp Campaign, as well as photos from viewers and WRCB staff from across the state.

Wamp stumps in Nashville; Headed to Chattanooga

Supporters are gathering at the Chattanoogan Hotel where Zach Wamp is expected to arrive at around 8PM. He spent the day with supporters in Shelby County and attended a "Get Out and Vote" rally in Madison. He finished the day in Nashville and is en route to Chattanooga.

Callie Starnes

Haslam supporters gathering in Nashville

Bill Haslam supporters are gathering in the downtown Hilton in Nashville awaiting his arrival. He made his way across the state today beginning in Knoxville and is still knocking on doors in Franklin. He just arrived at the Hilton at 5:15 pm central time. Greg Glover snapped this photo of Bill Haslam as he arrived at the hotel.

Greg Glover


Ron Ramsey casts vote heads to Nashville

Ron Ramsey made his way across the state to day as well after casting his vote early this morning in his home county of Sullivan. He says this has been an unprecedented 18-month campaign and cant wait to celebrate a win. He will be holding his election party in Nashville.

WRCB Staff

Harris will visit with Congressional candidates

It's pouring outside!! That hasn't stopped me from bumping into Chuck Fleischmann, Robin Smith and Tim Gobble to talk about the heated 3rd District race.

I'll be heading out to each candidate's headquarters in the next hour to get reaction after the polls close.

I'm sure everyone is on edge to know the results, we are too!

 Antwan Harris

High Temperatures aren't stopping congressional candidates

Paul Barys says the thunderstorms are north of the Tennessee Valley and should have no impact on voter turn-out. But with temperatures nearing the hundreds, one might wonder if the heat will keep voters from the poles?

Many of the precincts around the state are stressing that they are heavily air-conditioned, giving voters a chilling incentive.

"It's awful hot out there and a lot of people just can't take the heat so I am hoping they get in there and get back home, but I do hope they vote," says Charlotte Mullis-Morgan, Election Commission Administrator.

The heat is certainly not stopping candidates for the U.S. Third Congressional seat. Both Tim Gobble and Chuck Fleischmann have made rounds across the territory they hope to represent, making stops in Hamilton, Bradley and Rhea Counties.

The polls close at 8PM so there is still time to cast your vote. However, forecasters say to drink plenty of water and avoid long periods of being outdoors.

VIDEO: Chuck Fleischmann stumps in Red Bank

More video from Antwan Harris.  This time in Red Back with Chuck Fleischmann.


VIDEO: Robin Smith stumps in Soddy Daisy

Antwan Harris shot this quick cell phone video of Congressional Candidate Robin Smith campaigning in Soddy Daisy.

Do you have photos or videos from Election Day? Share them on Eyewitness, email your photos or videos to pix@wrcbtv.com.


Middle TN voters brave triple digit heat to vote

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The heat is on for candidates in contested races, but also for voters turning out on 1 of the hottest days of the summer to cast ballots in primary elections.

State Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins has sent a memo to election commission offices warning them to be prepared in case the excessive heat causes power outages.

Goins' checklist includes making sure the batteries in voting machines are charged and that each precinct has flashlights.

Heat indices hit the triple digits around the state at midday, reaching 108 degrees in Memphis and 106 in Knoxville. Hotly contested races include three open congressional seats and governor.

Blake Fontenay with the Secretary of State's office says the temperatures shouldn't stop people from voting. Polling places are air conditioned.


Glitch shows some voters already cast ballots

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Election officials in Shelby County say some voters may have been turned away from the polls when records incorrectly showed they already voted during the early voting period.

Election Commission Chairman Bill Giannini said Thursday there was confusion as the result of early voting in May for the local primary election. Records showed some people who cast ballots then had voted early for the Aug. 5 state primary election, when they had not.

Giannini said the problem potentially affected up to 3,000 people among 600,000 registered voters in Shelby County. He says he is confident the vote will be counted accurately.

Giannini said anyone who was wrongly turned away should return to the polling place.

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the glitch.


WRCB Team across state for Election Night coverage

Greg Glover is in Nashville with the Haslam Capaign. 

Callie Starnes is with the Wamp Campaign in Chattanooga.

Antwan Harris is following District 3 Congressional candidates as they complete last minute campaigning.

David Carroll will host a roundtable webcast tonight at 9:30p.m.  (details on that below)


WRCBtv.com hosts Election Night roundtable

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - WRCB will broadcast analysis and discussion of the Tennessee Primary Election this Thursday night on WRCBtv.com.