Story by Melydia Clewell

Eyewitness News Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB)--  Eyewitness News has learned the private investigator in the Tonya Craft case has had his own case against Sandra Lamb regarding that infamous cell phone video of an assault dismissed.

Eric Echols used his cell phone to record this explosive encounter with Sandra Lamb, an accuser's mother, as he delivered a subpoena last summer.

Echols applied for a criminal warrant against Lamb. She filed her own warrant application, accusing Echols of harassment.

A scheduled hearing on both cases didn't happen. Lamb dropped her complaint against Echols. She did not have an attorney with her, so Echols says Magistrate Vic Wells postponed the hearing for his complaint against Lamb. Before Echols left the courthouse that day, he'd been charged with witness tampering and was later indicted. So, he put his complaint on hold.

Last week Echols says he called Catoosa Magistrate Court to ask that a new hearing date be set. That's when he learned the case was dismissed.

The warrant application shows Judge Wells ruled no warrant would be issued but does not offer any explanation for why the case was dismissed without a hearing.

Eyewitness news went to magistrate court and left a voice mail for Judge Wells. As of news time, he had not responded to us.

Echols says he will appeal to Catoosa County Superior Court.