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Neighbor v. Neighbor: Vicious dog complaints

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By Megan Boatwright
Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

EAST BRAINERD, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - A woman says her neighbors are harassing her over her dogs.  It will land her in court next week, even though animal officers haven't deemed the dogs vicious.

Channel 3 investigated this story after acting on a tip from a neighbor.  The woman who owns the dogs admits there was an incident last year and she had to pay restitution.

But she says her dogs aren't a threat and are always behind a fence. 

Tamecia Jackson says she's just about ready to move after neighbors have continually accused her two pitbulls of being attack-prone and dangerous.

"I've been getting all kinds of calls from McKamey saying that my dogs have been outside of the fence about to attack people," says Jackson.  "It's not true."

When the Channel 3 crew arrived unannounced Monday morning both dogs were securely locked in Jackson's yard.

"I even got the man who owns the home to put logs and stacks down to make sure the dogs would not get out," she says. 

Jackson did tell us about an incident last year involving her dogs 'Jada' and 'Barack' and another small dog on the same street.

"I was actually not at home," says Jackson of the incident. "I was working at the time and the neighbor said that their dog had been attacked." 

Jackson says she paid more than $600 in vet bills for the other dog involved, now she documents everything.

"No one was here to witness it," she says.  "I had to go to court and I paid my restitution." 

After more recent calls and complaints claiming her dogs are frequently at large, Jackson will have to defend herself in court again.

"I feel like it's harassment," she says.  "I feel like they're violating my rights.  I have every right to have dogs." 

While the animal control tickets Jackson showed Channel 3 make it clear some neighbors feel her dogs are a nuisance, not everyone on the street agrees.

"No, not out and about," says neighbor Edward Berkowitz.  "I've seen them chained up on the fence pretty often.  I've never seen them out." 

The McKamey Animal Center says officers have been to Jackson's home many times, but every time the dogs have been fenced in.

In cases like these with repeated neighbor against neighbor complaints it's standard procedure to turn the situation over to the legal system.  A court date is set for August 12th.

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