by Kay Blevins
WRCB Eyewitness News

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - School buses rolled up to Hardy Elementary School Monday morning; dropping kids off for their first back in the classroom after summer break.

Hardy Elementary is the only Hamilton County school that students attend year round.

After a couple of weeks off kids hit the books again Monday, and though the first few hours were a little hectic, students, teachers and staff seem to be glad back inside the classroom.

"We woke up extra early, fixed him a good breakfast and he seemed excited to get to school," says mom Brandy Burroughs. "He was ready for the summer to be over."

Ready for the summer to be over so soon?  In 90 degree temperatures children at hardy elementary school went back inside the classroom Monday.

These kids are part of a year round program in Hamilton County Schools.

"I think the year round school is excellent, first of all the students come back after the summer break remembering a lot more than they would ordinarily, if they had been home 3 months." School principal Anetta Ferguson says this is a big day for parents, students and teachers alike, "to see all the faces to see the students returning to see new staff also."

"It is so much excitement coming back to school the first day and seeing them after a whole month off," adds teacher Cathy Bragg.

Kids with new shoes, backpacks and folders piled inside the building Monday, ready for a new year and the challenges ahead.

But the first day was a little hectic, between registration and keeping the building cool.

"The reason why the building is a little uncomfortable at first is because it was closed. We were on a 4 day week, now we are on back to regular schedule. It takes a while for this size of a building to cool off come back in an hour and we will be good to go," explains Principal Ferguson.

The faculty and staff all have many programs planned for the fall, ready to begin their school year as a team.

"School as always should be everyone working together we can't do it alone we want the parents help," says Ferguson.

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