By Megan Boatwright, Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) -- A major accident on I-75 South had traffic near Battlefield Parkway in Georgia backed up all the way to the Tennessee line.

One woman is dead and another was life-flighted to Erlanger Sunday afternoon.  The Georgia Highway Patrol say they're still looking into what caused the driver to loose control.

"When we pulled up life force and the firemen were already on the scene," says Daniel Hill with Mack's Towing & Recovery.  "There were probably half a dozen police cars."

When part of your job is to respond to accident scenes there's not a lot left for shock value, but Daniel Hill says the crash he and his father were called to Sunday afternoon caught him off guard.

"The lady was actually half in half out of the car," Hill says while describing the scene.  "Basically with the car almost sitting on her." 

A mangled shell is all that's left of the SUV carrying five passenger from the Atlanta area; including a toddler, child near 5 year of age, a teen, an adult woman and the driver.  The woman didn't survive. 

"Life force was being loaded as we pulled up," says Hill.  "They had a someone on a stretcher.  One of the EMS guys had a baby on his shoulder." 

Georgia Highway Patrol troppers are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to loose control.  Pictures of the wreck show how the SUV rolled through all lanes of traffic.

"Something caused the car to flip end over end," says Hill.  "It proceeded to flip for 75-80 yards." 

Georgia Highway Patrol Tropper, Stephanie Maddux, says, "Somehow the driver lost control and over corrected.  The vehicle began to flip.  One of passengers was unrestrained and ejected.  All of the children in the vehicle were restrained." 

As Tropper Maddux hands off the left over belongings to the wrecker company, she says the accident is once again a testimony to wearing a seat belt.

"It speaks volumes that everyone that was buckled up lived," she says. 

A trooper on the scene says the driver, toddler, and other child involved were alive, alert, and conscious.  The teenager flown to Erlanger is in critical condition.