CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A global company with ties to Chattanooga has a new business partnership with the Iraqi government.

On Thursday, Alstom announced details of a Memorandum of Understanding between the company and Iraq.

Alstom CEO Patrick Kron, who was in Chattanooga last month for the dedication of a new Alstom facility, signed an agreement with the Minister of Oil and Electricity Hussein Sharestani in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki. The deal will allow Alstom to help in the development and modernization of Iraq's electricity infrastructure.

According to the company, the agreement covers three major projects:

1. The first project involves the turnkey supply of a power plant at Bassorah in southern Iraq, which covers engineering, procurement and construction. The power plant will consist of three oil-fired steam units, each with an output of 400 MW. The project also includes the supply of 400 kV and 132 kV gas insulated substations (GIS).

2. The second project concerns the rehabilitation of the gas-fired power plant at Najaf, consisting of three GT13D gas turbines, with an overall output of 180 MW.

3. The third project focuses on the supply and supervision of 400 kV GIS substations and 132 kV GIS & AIS (Air Insulated Substations) in various locations in Iraq.

In the coming weeks, Alstom will enter into exclusive discussions with the relevant Iraqi authorities for the practical implementation of these projects.

Alstom is in the middle of a $300 million expansion on the Chattanooga riverfront. The 350,000 square feet facility will add approximately 350 new jobs by 2013. The average pay will be $75,000 per year. The Chattanooga facility be responsible for building the world's largest steam and gas turbines for power plants as the company prepares for America's nuclear revival.

The Chattanooga plant is not directly connected to the Alstom's new partnership with Iraq.