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Chatt. woman: AT&T pepper sprayed my dogs

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Janelle Lawrence is outraged at what an AT&T technician did to her three dogs.

She says the technician came on her property unannounced and did the unthinkable. "I said 'Hey there!' And he kind of acknowledged me and I asked if my dogs bothered him and he said, 'Not anymore. I pepper sprayed them'. I said, 'Excuse me.'"

It all happened last Thursday off Surry Circle in Chattanooga. 

Lawrence says she heard a knock at the door, but only saw the AT&T truck.

She ran to the back yard and saw the man working on a box.

She also noticed her dogs reeling in pain.

"My pug had pepper spray all over her body and was having trouble breathing and it got all over my arms and I started burning," Lawrence says.

Lawrence says the technician was rude to her and refused to show her I.D. or a work order.

She recorded his truck number off the back of his work truck and called the main office demanding to know why he was there when she doesn't subscribe to any of the company's services.

We contacted AT&T and a spokesperson gave us this response.

"An AT&T technician has been working on this street all week for this week's U-verse launch in Chattanooga. This AT&T technician needed access to the easement area on this fenced-in property, which is in a public right of way."

We were also told technicians carry a company-issued dog repellant, known to be stronger than police pepper spray.

"You can do something to me and I'll take it all day, but if you touch my little angels," Lawrence says that's where she draws the line.

Now Lawrence she is keeping a close eye on her dogs to make sure this doesn't happen again.

An AT&T spokesperson says they are working to resolve the problem, and each technician should have visible I.D. And work orders.

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