By Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

DALTON, GA. (WRCB) -- Investigators in Whitfield County are trying to figure out if "tagging" at a post office is gang related.

Over the weekend MS 13 gang symbols showed up inside the lobby of the Rocky Face Post Office.

Gang Task Force investigators say MS 13 isn't a very active gang in Whitfield County, and they're looking into whether the tagging was actually done by gang members.

"It's disturbing for people to see damaged property occurring in a place like the Post Office," says Bill Hargis who lives nearby.     

People shuffling in and out of the Rocky Face Post Office Tuesday hardly notice the black marks on the wall or the whited out tiles on the floor, but in a small community news travels fast.

"I thought it was pretty sad that kids would come in and try to destroy or mess up something," said Linda Aslinger. 

Over the weekend the symbols appeared in the open lobby area.

"Looking at the symbols," says Hargis.  "It seems like you associate that with being part of a gang."  Which is exactly what investigators with the local Gang Task Force are looking into. 

"MS 13 is certainly the most prevalent in California and is a very violent gang there," says Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department.  "We don't have any information that they are active in this area," he says. 

Gang investigators with Whitfield County and Dalton PD say MS 13 symbols are unusual for Whitfield county. 

"Investigators with the task force aren't quite sure what it means," says Frazier.  "It could be something that's just a random incident." 

No matter who did it or for what reason, it's not something people in Rocky Face want to see happen to their quite little post office.

"Not real happy that it's this close to home," says Aslinger.