CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Dozens of Northshore residents packed a pavilion at Riverview Park Thursday evening.

The goal was to brainstorm ways to open up communication throughout the neighborhood in order to fight an alarming home invasion problem.

Darren Thompson said, "Since we have had all these break-ins in the area and the police are doing everything they can, but we don't think the city has the resources to cover the amount of problems in the area."

Thompson said he has been a victim of the breakins and he hopes more meetings will bring together more ideas.

Chattanooga police say a man they believe is responsible for many of the robberies is Ricky Davis.

He was caught in the act last Tuesday and police say he was armed.

That alarms residents like Janice Myers. 

"I have been living here for 38 years and I think this is the worst it has been with the home invasions."

The group hopes to develop an email list and use popular social network sites like Facebook to keep others in the neighborhood aware of what's happening.

Tommy Hudgens said, "I think this will lead to heightened awareness and people looking out for each other. I think that is the purpose for this."

Verna Donahoe said, "I feel that we have to keep an eye on each other and help each other get through the days because it has gotten dangerous."

Darren Thompson said he hopes to have a series of meetings with local leaders and law enforcement.

He said police visibility, along with a strong neighborhood watch group, should be the tools to curb crime in the area.

A total of 8 suspects have been arrested in connection with these burglaries and the Northshore community will hold a series of meetings beginning next week.

Local leaders and law enforcement are expected to attend.