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Virtual school helps kids learn during the summer.

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There's a myth going around that kids don't learn anything in the summer but Hamilton County's virtual school is working hard to change that.

These elementary students at Bess T Shepherd school are up bright and early this summer as part of Hamilton County's virtual school program. They're learning math, language and science, and much of their contact with teachers is made by sending e-mail.

"They do, they get e-mail from instructors, lab coordinator, and they send it to each other, which is really fun, " says teacher Jennifer Moser.

Teachers like Moser say such activities gives these students a chance to be on equal footing when school starts back and the students are learning how to use computers to their advantage.

"I don't have to mail someone, this way I can reach them faster and quicker," says 4th grader Deontae Sanders.

"I am on TV...I sent this to Chelsea, she sits over this is the way to communicate? yeah," says 3rd grader Rachel Trotter.

Bess T Shepherd is one of two schools involved the summer virtual program, along with Hardy Elementary. Ms. Moser says it's a good use of summer down time.

"Otherwise we would spend several weeks getting them where the rest of the kids are," says Moser.

Teachers say as the virtual school concept grows, parents will appreciate its cost savings, and educational value. You may be seeing more virtual classes, and not just in the summer time.

"I think so...there's a definite need for it...especially since it's technology them much needed skills, says Moser.

Hardy Elementary is always the first to start in Hamilton County with its extended year calendar, on August 2. For other schools, registration is August 4, with the first day of classes August 11.

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