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Graffiti is not a problem for just Collegedale

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By Kay Blevins
COLLEGEDALE, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The Collegedale Veterans Memorial Park is hit for a second night in a row, but thankfully the damage this time wasn't severe.
The graffiti problem is everywhere including here in Chattanooga and Collegedale.  

"Its just very sad and we need to punish the people who did it, we don't need to clean it up ourselves we got to find them and make them clean it up," says Pam Early, Collegedale resident.

Outrage and disgust still echoes from Collegedale today, for a second day in a row vandals hit their Veterans Memorial Park.  But luckily the tagging wasn't as bad.  This time the vandals put their mark on name tags and posted them on monuments, tables and benches. \

From Collegedale to Chattanooga investigators say the tagging is happening.

"We have seen a large quantity of tagger type graffiti its not gang related type stuff," says Sgt. Todd Royval with Chattanooga Police.

But it does cost a lot of time and money to repair the damages.

"They have even gone so far as too get on a billboard that sits on Highway 153 that's 2 or 3 hundred feet up in the air and damaged it to where it costs the company 10 to 15 thousand dollars to fix." says Sgt Royval.

Police says in many cases the more places they can put their name, the more respect they get and the tagging usually happens at night when no one else is around.

Collegedale Police are still looking for who tagged the Veterans Memorial Park.  If you have any information on this case contact police.

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