Story by Amy Morrow

Eyewitness News Reporter/ Anchor

CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB)-- Thieves hit the Costco construction site twice last week taking thousands of dollars in materials. But the general contractor says no worries.

It will only be a slight delay in progress.

The structure at the Catoosa Costco construction site is taking shape and equipment seems to be in constant motion. But two thefts in just a few days can make workers tap the brakes.

"Anything significant hurts schedule. More than anything, it has to be replaced. It's a damper on scheduling," says Jason Fortner of TD Farrell Construction.

And the schedule is key here. Contractors say they're on track to open these doors in October and they can't have anything blocking the path.

"We've put a couple things in place. We've installed lighting," says Fortner.

Just one step to help deter thieves. Just last week crooks hit the site swiping a stash of steel to the tune of $14,000.

"They definitely had to have a truck and trailer, and took their time to get it," says Fortner.

Two days later contractors were missing about $1,300 worth of copper wiring. At this point investigators are short on suspects.

"We can't assume someone working there. Anyone in the construction business knows there's a project on that hill," says Fort Oglethorpe Police Chief David Eubanks.

"It's part of it unfortunately and it really kind of reflects how it is during hard times, thefts go up," says Eubanks.

Jason Fortner says while it's unfortunate, it won't change the date Costco doors will open.

"As far as maintaining schedule, we won't let it impede. We'll open on the due date no matter what," says Fortner.

City leaders say that date is still October 28th and to keep this from happening again police have stepped up patrol.

If you have any information that could help, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.