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Voice of Auburn previews Nov. 6 matchup with UTC

Paul Shahen
Eyewitness Sports Reporter

SEC Football Media day is just one week away. Teams like Tennessee and Vanderbilt will have a lot of questions to answer. However last on the national media's agenda will be Auburn's November 6 game with Chattanooga.  So we took it upon ourselves to get the low down from the Tigers, when the voice of Auburn football stopped in North Georgia.

Rod Bramblett said, "That week of the season is always a tough one, no matter who you play if you're Auburn, because you're about to dive into Georgia and Alabama."

In fact when the Tigers host Chattanooga on November 6 it will be Auburn's 10th straight game without a bye.

"So I mean you're gonna be banged up and bruised up," said Bramblett the Voice of the Tigers since 2003.

That's good news if any for the Mocs; since becoming a division one program in 1977 UTC has never beaten an SEC team.

But as Bramblett explains, there's a saying that fits these situations perfectly.

"They're gonna come in, they don't have anything to lose. If you're Auburn that type of game that type of week you've got to be real careful."

Bramblett says if UTC plans to have a good showing at Auburn, it may fall on the pads of UTK transfer quarterback B. J. Coleman...

Bramblett says Auburn's defense was their achilles heel last year. Giving up 23 points a game.

"I think offensively Auburn's gonna be very good this year. The question will be defensively how much better can they be, because that was a weakness last year."

Either way when you go from a one win season to six wins like Chattanooga; people take notice. Whatever the result of November 6. Even the Tigers will agree the Mocs are headed in the right direction.

"UTC is trying to embark on a new era, and kinda get things going in the right direction, so they're going to come in ready to go," said Bramblett.

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