It's been a season of first times for the Chattanooga Football Club. To open the season CFC beat Atlanta for the first time ever.  One week later they hosted and beat a national team for yes the first time. Six weeks later they won the league title; their first league title.

Now, you've got one last time to see them play in Chattanooga, and as the men say, it's not worth missing.

"I honestly think the more people we get, everyone steps up, and we play a lot better," said CFC defender Andy Stewart.

It's hard to argue that. Chattanooga FC is undefeated, and they're averaging more than 3,000  fans per game. In fact, they set a National Premier Soccer League record when they hosted Mexico's 23 and under team with almost 7,000 fans on hand. 

And they're asking for one more record this Saturday when they host rocket city united...

Midfielder Phil Beene says, "I mean we wanna break records every time we show up, we want more fans to show up, we try to play an attractive brand of soccer, try to have fun while we do it."

It's clear they're not the only ones having fun. The CFC crazies come up with some one of a kind cheers, that even the players can't ignore.

"I mean when they're chanting four dollar beers and stuff, it's hard to tune it out completely but we have great fans," said Beene.

Amidst all the fun, there's some high quality football being played. Chattanooga has put themselves in great position to make a national title run. They've already qualified for the NPSL semi finals July 29th in Madison, Alabama.

Defender Josh Scott said, "We're not backing off, we're still going all out for it. Going to a national tournament as an athlete is a dream come true it's what we strive for."

To fine tune their skills before the national tournament, DC United of the MLS has invited CFC to play their reserve team on July 24.