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Cemetery signs uncompassionate?

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CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) - Yolanda Hargis says she didn't notice the sign with the word "indigent" until she buried her son, Tim.

Yolanda Hargis's son Tim died just a few short weeks ago. The 24 year-old left behind three children and a wife. And recently the family's grief was followed by anger.

"What I don't understand is why people, during a hard time, people are described as indigent," says Yoland Hargis.

The site where Tim Hargis is buried in Fort Hill Cemetery was given to his family by Bradley County for free.  And it wasn't until Yolanda visited Tim's grave recently that a floral regulations sign grabbed her attention.

"That really just rubbed me the wrong way. That all these people, just because at the time of there death they weren't prepared, that they are described as indigent," she says.

Bradley County Commissioner Jeff Yarber talked to Mrs. Hargis about her concerns. "The last thing anyone on the board would want to do is make anybody feel any worse once they have lost a loved one," he says.

We tried to contact several members of the Fort Hill Cemetery board including the chairman, and we never got any answers about the sign.

We learned from the City of Cleveland those signs were put in place by prior administrations.

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