NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Republican Bill Haslam's rivals in Tennessee's gubernatorial contest have sharpened their attacks on the Knoxville mayor in the last televised debate before early voting begins on Friday.

Haslam was joined at Monday night's debate at Belmont University in Nashville by fellow Republicans Zach Wamp and Ron Ramsey and by Mike McWherter, the only Democrat running this year.

Each of his rivals challenged Haslam's record. Wamp questioned why Haslam had given a campaign contribution to Democrat Al Gore in a long-ago presidential bid; Ramsey criticized his sincerity on gun rights; and McWherter noted that he had raised property taxes in his first year as mayor.

Haslam responded that he has long been a Republican contributor - including to Wamp and Ramsey - and that he will stand for Second Amendment rights in Tennessee.

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