CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A two-year-old girl died Monday afternoon after her sibling accidentally shot her in the chest while playing with a gun. When emergency workers arrived to the scene on Tinsley Place, the child was unresponsive. She was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Detectives with the Chattanooga Police Department tell Channel 3 that the girl's sibling got the loaded gun from the parent's bedroom. Investigators are still looking into the details of the incident and any further action in the case is pending further investigation.

Chaos, emotion, and police filled the scene when Channel arrived on scene. Next door Berniece Rapier witnessed the tragic scene.

She says her daughter knows the child's mother who was already grieving.

Rapier said, "She stopped and told my daughter one of the kids got a hold of a handgun out the drawer and shot the baby. The baby was laying there lifeless."

Police questioned the mother while the two children sat in the back seat of a police cruiser clutching teddy bears.

Several ambulances and police cars blocked off portions of the street to make way for the child.

Rapier says neighbors rushed to help the young child when they saw she wasn't breathing.

"My landlord's son got here and did CPR until the police and ambulance got here," she said.

Police are still investigating how the gun fired, but say the mother was at home when the shooting happened.

Deputy Chief Mike Williams said, "It was possibly an accidental shooting. The firearm involved was from the house. It was their firearm."

Police say this unfortunate incident may have been prevented if the gun was stored away properly.

"It's common sense," Williams said. "If there are guns around you have to keep them up and keep them locked away from children."

Rapier said, "I tried to do what I could to comfort her but there was nothing you can do in a case like that. It's so sad."

Police took the mother and two children in for questioning and say the shooting is under investigation.

We are told Child Services is involved in this case providing assistance for the family, which is standard procedure on an incident like this.


*Editor's Note: The age of Camron Wallace was originally reported as three, we have been informed by family that she was two and half years old. We have changed the story to reflect this information.