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North Shore residents taking measures to stop crime

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- More and more North Chattanooga residents say they feel like fugitives in their own homes.  With so many recent break-ins, the North Shore Neighborhood Association is beefing up security.

The association is building a website to pin-point the areas that have already been targeted by crime and looking into buying surveillance cameras.  At the encouragement of Chattanooga Police many residents are choosing to arming themselves.

"The fact that I'm feeling less and less safe in my own home is extremely troubling," says Colville St. resident, Hamilton Gallant. 

Gallant says these days his doors are always locked.  "Last October I was robbed while I was at work," he says.  "They went through every drawer.  Took my computer and some other small things." 

Gallant says he brother, who also lives in North Chattanooga, was robbed during Riverbend.

"In the middle of the night while two of his roommates were home," he says of the incident.  "They took his t.v., x-box and some video games." 

"I was one of those people who didn't lock my door," says North Shore Association President, Antoinette Pereira.  "The guy came in and got a computer."  Pereiria was also robbed recently. 

Many who attended Pereira's association meeting Sunday afternoon share their break-in stories as well.  That's why the association is taking action.

"We're talking about putting up surveilllance cameras in different parts of the neighborhood," says Pereira.

Pereira says North Shore neighbors already look out for each other, "we watch the homes around us.  Writing down license tag descriptions of suspicious looking vehicles." 

Now many residents are talking about doing even more.  "There are people who are getting guns," Pereira says.  "Men and women." 

Residents at the meeting says it's about more than frustration, it's about security.  Many North Chattanooga residents are growing more and more anxious in their own homes.

"I feel like I should either get a really big scary dog or arm myself," says Gallant.  "I shouldn't have to feel like that in my own home." 

According to Chattanooga Police 11 burglaries, 2 robberies and one home invasion have happened in North Chattanooga since June 1st.


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