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Ooltewah residents gathering signatures against apartments

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Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

OOLTEWAH, TN (WRCB)-- People with 'The Voice of Ooltewah' spent the day gathering signatures. They're trying to prevent a large apartment complex from being built on a 13 acre lot on Hunter Road in the middle of a residential area.

They say it would bring too much traffic to the area.

The complex developer tried to get Hamilton County to rezone the property three times and failed. But in February the lot became Chattanooga City property when the owner asked for it to be annexed into the city.

Now this grassroots effort called The Voice of Ooltewah says they're taking 2,000 petition signatures to the city.

"Right through those trees there," says  resident George Stevens.

George Stevens' home is close to the empty lot where a new apartment complex could be built.

"So we collected a number of signatures here today to add to the others we already have," say Stevens.

Stevens and other members of 'The Voice of Ooltewah' spent the day collecting 200 more signatures for their petition in opposition to the complex.

"We're gonna present those to City Council when they have their hearing on this July 13th," says

Drive down Hunter Road and evidence of the work these people are doing is everywhere. Stevens, who has lived at his home on Hunter Road for 13 years, says he's seen plenty of cars land in the ditch near his home.

"This particular, as I said before, is very dangerous we have multiple accidents here near my house," says Stevens.

Stevens and many others in Ooltewah say Hunter Road has a difficult blind spot right where the complex entrance would be and the added traffic is recipe for accidents.

"We'll just add another four or 500 cars per day onto this already difficult spot," says Stevens.

In addition to the signatures, the group says they're getting as many people as they can to show up to City Council Tuesday night to plead their case.

Chattanooga City Council will discuss whether or not the property can be rezoned at their meeting this coming Tuesday. A group of 'The Voice of Ooltewah' members say they plan on attending the councils three o'clock and six o'clock meetings. They've also hired a lawyer to help present their case.

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