Story by Kay Blevins

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- This heat wave is causing some medical emergencies and making it a challenge for many Chattanooga residents to stay cool.

Many people are having problems beating the heat this week and many heat and air technicians tell us their call volume has tripled.

And EMS workers are seeing more and more cases of heat exhaustion.

"For the last three or four weeks, the heat index has been terrible and we have had a lot of heat emergencies," says Lt. David Thompson.

From heat exhaustion to even heat stroke, Hamilton county EMS workers say they have seen it all.

Crews respond to emergencies, while keeping a close eye on each other.

And while these miserable temperatures are almost unbearable outside, some
Chattanooga residents say the inside isn't much better.

"We actually put in a window unit until we could get something done. It was very warm though," says Gala Kirby.

Gala Kirby is one of many Chattanooga residents whose A/C isn't working right.

""We have fans going," says Kirby.

"We have walked in houses and they have been 90 degrees. The thermostat will read as high as 90 degrees and they were maxed out," says Jeremy Lowry.

Jeremy Lowry says he has been very busy the last few weeks trying to keep the community cool.

"There has definitely been 10, 11 o'clock nights just trying to get everybody taken care of cause it is dangerous," says Lowry.

Lowry is working hard hoping EMS doesn't have to.

As the Tennessee Valley prepares for a least a couple more days of record hot temperatures, EPB tells us customers are using more electricity this summer than they did last summer.

"It seems like people aren't taking care of themselves and being mindful of the heat," says Lt. Thompson.

EMS says they have had six heat related calls the last 24 hours.

Also the Salvation Army's "Beat the Heat" campaign is in need of fans or donations.