HARRISON BAY STATE PARK, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - A small explosion on a boat at Harrison Bay left one woman in a hospital and her husband thankful it wasn't worse.

Firefighters, TWRA, and hazmat cleaned up the mess.

A quick response from firemen, and a little luck, left a married couple with only minor injuries after an explosion on their boat.

Firefighters say things could have been a lot worse Wednesday at Harrison Bay.

A loud bang echoed through a section of Harrison Bay State Park just before noon Wednesday. Moments later firefighters responded to a flash fire on Paul and Patricia Halls' boat.

The flames were gone just as quickly as they started, but not without burning Patricia.

"The owners wife was in a life jacket so she jumped into the water, as we pulled up we were able to pull her safely from the water," says Lt. Dusty Rose, of the Chattanooga Fire Department Marine division.

The fire department said she suffered non-life threatening first to second degree burns on her lower body.  She was immediately transported to Memorial North Park Hospital with her husband.

The response time was immediate. Luckily, the firefighters were taking a lunch break at The Docks restaurant, they say they're thankful the explosion didn't happen closer to the gas pump, because the fire could have spread.

"They were away from the fire, and luckily after the explosion, the fire put itself out.  They have an installed halon system that possibly put the fire out immediately," Lt. Rose explains.

In the aftermath, hazmat was called to clean up the gas leaking into the water.

The fire department says this type of accident doesn't happen that often, but when they do, things can get really serious.

"It can be really dangerous, because you don't have anywhere to go, but over the side into the water.  And those can happen at any time, and can be very dangerous and life threatening," Lt. Rose says.