CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - More than half of the dogs seized in the June raid of the mall pet store have tested positive for a dangerous parasite, according to McKamey Animal Shelter.

McKamey was ordered by a judge to test the dogs taken from The Pet Company in Hamilton Place Mall last month for giardia.

Twenty dogs tested positive for the parasite that is transmissible to humans. Those dogs will remain under the care of McKamey officials where they will receive treatment.

Twelve dogs tested negative for giardia. Judge Sherry Paty ordered any dogs that tested negative be returned to The Pet Company and transported to another Pet Company location. The Pet Company has stores in Georgia and New Jersey.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture sent a letter to the Pet Company saying although the dogs did not test positive for giardia, they have been exposed to it. So, they are not allowed to cross the state line and be housed in Georgia.

The Pet Company instead will house the animals at the Companion Animal Hospital in Chattanooga. The center is the Pet Company's contracted veterinarian in the area and serves the community as well. The 12 dogs and all the "pocket pets" - hamsters, ferrets, rabbits- will all be taken to the Companion Animal Hospital under the care of Dr. Prince.

The arrangement will last at least until next Wednesday when the Pet Company and McKamey head back to court.