By Callie Starnes

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- An Erlanger employee accused of stealing a patient's credit card now faces dozens of additional charges relating to her case.

Ruth Demarco was accused of using the stolen credit card at the Collegedale Walmart.

Tuesday, we've learned she used that card for more than just a Walmart run.

Demarco faces 33 charges in Hamilton County in addition to those she already faces in Collegedale.

We are still waiting to hear if she will be allowed to return to work here at Erlanger.

These are the pictures that led police to 43-year-old Ruth Demarco.

Demarco, a patient care technician at Erlanger Hospital, was arrested on the job last week.

She told Collegedale Police she used a patient's credit card at Walmart to help her family through tough financial times.

"She spent too much on gold and silver and pedicures and manicures for it to have all been for her family," says Tim Burgess.

The credit card belonged to the Chattanooga Radio Control Club.

Its treasurer Tim Burgess, who underwent surgery at Erlanger, realized it was missing when the club's account was drained.

A police investigation led to Demarco who told Eyewitness News on Monday she found the credit card in Erlanger's parking lot.

That's a story Burgess doesn't buy.

"Yeah I don't think so, again it wouldn't have just fallen out of my wallet. You really would have had to work to get it out, so I don't believe that," says Burgess.

Stolen or found, Eyewitness News learned Tuesday Demarco is now charged in Hamilton County.

Surveillance video from retail stores, grocery stores and salons show Demarco using the card more than 20 times spending more than $3,000.

More than 30 arrest warrants were served and Demarco was taken back into custody Tuesday.

Burgess says he hopes justice will be served and plans to take Erlanger's advice next time.

"If you are in the hospital, if you want to keep a little cash for cokes and candy that's one thing, but leave your valuables at home," says Burgess.

Tim Burgess says his bank did return the stolen money to him and the club.

As for Ruth Demarco, she was arrested this Tuesday afternoon on those new charges.

She faces a total of 39 charges, one of those is a felony.

Erlanger officials say they are reviewing the case against Demarco.

For now, she is suspended without pay.