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UPDATE: "Wanted" bear shot in Collegedale

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Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

COLLEGEDALE (WRCB)--  A Collegedale woman says she thought her life was over Sunday night.

A black bear broke through one of her windows and started clawing at her glass door.

She frantically called two neighbors, who came to the rescue.

Linda Young says she has two new heroes after what neighbors did for her Sunday.

For the past month many in the White Oak Mountain Community have been on high alert after the same black bear has been seen over and over again.

"Then it just started walking towards my front door," says Linda Young.

Linda Young says she couldn't believe her eyes when she realized she was looking at a black bear through her window.

"It started hitting the door, just whamming the door and then I could hear it's claws go down and my door is actually glass so I was hysterical," says Young.

An hour later police and TWRA officials were called after a 911 call alerted them the bear had been shot.

"I called Dan and Jim and I said please help me this bear is trying to get in the house to kill me," says Young.

Young called her neighbors, two hunters who came prepared. They encountered the bear and when it began charging them they were forced to defend themselves.

"I have to say I'm glad it's dead. I could not live here anymore knowing that bear is loose," says Young.

Young says she locked herself in her room when the bear pushed his head through a broken window.

"I did think I was going to die. I called my son and I said Curt do you know how much momma loves you," says Young.

Jim Villers is one of the men who came to the rescue. He was standing behind his friend when he pulled the trigger.

"I saw him get ready to shoot and I knew the bear was coming after him," says Villers.

"As far as I'm concerned it wanted me dead," says Young.

After an experience this woman describes as the most frightening of her life, she says she has two new heroes.

"Jim and Dan, ya'll are my heroes and as soon as I get settled down I'm going to buy ya'll dinner," says Young.

TWRA officials say they've received many complaints about the bear in the last months and even attempted to trap it. Because the men acted in self-defense they should not face any criminal charges.

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