CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - This holiday weekend will be one of celebration for more than a hundred families in the Tennessee Valley. Two units of the Tennessee National Guard's 278th are heading home.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Paul Shahen spent the day with a woman anxiously awaiting her husband's return.

Could there be a better weekend to return home from Iraq, than the 4th of July.

The wife of Staff Sergeant Lamar Price doesn't think so.

The best part is that it all comes as a surprise. The units are being released six months early.

"He's the most caring, kind hearted, gentle spirited person I've met in my life." Sarah married the man of her dreams Lamar Price in early October, less than 2 months later she said goodbye to Lamar as he left for Iraq.

"It was hard, you know you find the love of your life and you watch him leave."

Sarah says it's not that she can't survive on her own but life's just better when Lamar's around.

"I can do anything by myself, but that support and partnership really, there's a hole there."

She filled that void with the support from family, friends, and technology, daily contact over the internet and phone kept her sane.

"If I had to wait 2 or 3 weeks for a letter I would have been at Moccasin Bend doing this interview."

Around the Prices' home you can't take a turn without a strong reminder of who Sarah's waiting so anxiously for.

Yes there is a Christmas tree, and yes it is July, but it's not just a tree to Sarah Price.  It's an Independence Tree, honoring her husband returning home from Iraq 6 months early.

"I'm leaving it up honoring him, when he gets home we'll take it down."

Lamar had a week off during Christmas, so when he comes home this weekend, the place is just how he left it. Christmas wreath on the door, tree in the living room, and open arms from a loving wife.

"We're tickled, this is great, he'll get to be home for our first anniversary."

Staff Sergeant Lamar Price has been enlisted for 30 years. After being processed at Smyrna Saturday, he and Sarah plan to take down the tree, six months early.