by Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News

FORT OGLETHORPE, CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - Ft. Oglethorpe Police say an apartment community decided they wouldn't tolerate drug activity in their complex.  But police were surprised when the door bell rang and they were asked if they would sell the drugs.

Neighbors even helped police keep an eye on activity Fountainbrook Luxury Apartments.   

Tuesday police arrested Frankie and Ritzie Goff.

Investigators say the couple was selling a variety of prescription pills to people who would drop by their apartment.

Police seized nearly a hundred pain killers. Neighbors say the traffic was too much, that's why they called police.

"You just don't like infringements in your comfort zone," says neighbor Charles White.

"Course no one wants to have drugs next to them," adds Ronnie Stephens. "Glad they caught 'em."

Officers also arrested four other people who came to the apartment at separate times.  One man walked right past the patrol cars and tried to buy the drugs from the officers who were inside the apartment.

Tahsa Payne of Chatsworth, Carl McKaig of LaFayette, Aruthur Hughes of Ooltewah and Kimberly Flynn of Chattanooga are all charged with possession and criminal attempt.