Story by Kay Blevins

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A  judge says a mall pet store that was raided by police, needs to clean up its act.

Judge Sherry Paty is giving Pet Company two weeks to pass inspections.

But as for the dozens of animals McKamey seized, they are going to other pet stores owned by United Pet Supply until the company can correct the violations here.

"I will allow at this time any healthy animals that are held by McKamey to be taken by the Pet Company to one of the other stores," says Judge Paty.

Many of the animals seized during McKamey's raid at the Pet Company at Hamilton Place Mall June 15th will soon go back into the hands of the owners.

After three days of testimony Judge Sherry Paty decided to take the burden off of McKamey.

The organization is asking for more than $22,000 to pay for the costs of taking care of dozens of animals.

"We have never asked for this amount of restitution before. If you were a citizen of Chattanooga, we would definitely be getting the money back cause it is required by law," says Karen Walsh.

Attorneys for McKamey spent days calling witness after witness to the stand showing what they thought were violations and neglect against Pet Company.

Judge Paty agreed with some of the concerns.

"I am going to pass this case for two weeks for these issues to be remedied and inspected before any animals be brought back for sale," said Judge Paty.

We talked to the director for the McKamey Animal Adoption Center about what she thought about Judge Paty's decision.

"The judge has to be fair and impartial. We are a new organization so we are going to make some mistakes along the way but our concern is always the welfare of the animals," says Walsh.