CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Dismay and extra concern were the general consensus of North Shore residents at Tuesday night's City Council meeting, after catching word that the Frances Wyatt Rec Center was being thrown on the chopping block.

The $185 million shortfall would also call for other rec centers around town to reduce hours and staff; saving close to half a million dollars.

It wasn't the decision Kellie Smith wanted to see happen.

She says many people use the center on a regular basis, they even came to Tuesday's meeting with a petition of about 200 signatures asking for the center to stay open.

The rec center, known for it's senior activities, also serves as a training facility for the senior Olympics.

And then those campaigning to save the center got the news they'd hoped for when council members said they may have found the money to keep it running.

That $420,000 solution came at an afternoon committee meeting.

Councilwoman says nothing is final, but she encourages people to bring their concerns to council.

Council has yet to vote on the decision, but several say they in favor of keeping the center open.