CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Eyewitness News is learning more about an officer on paid leave, for an emergency room scuffle.

Officer James Daves tried to pull over a man who was rushing his wife to the hospital two weeks ago.

Jesse Wright claims the officer blocked the Erlanger emergency room door, and tried to arrest him.

Days later, the district attorney dropped all charges against Wright.

The department placed Officer Daves on paid leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

It's not the first time he's been the subject of an investigation. Eyewitness News obtained access to Officer Daves' personnel file. We learned he's been under investigation five times prior to this event.

In July 08, he was suspended for five days for use of force, and failure to document.

Months later, he was exonerated on a separate use of force allegation.

In December 09, Officer Daves was ordered to attend verbal counseling for rudeness.

Then in March, he was investigated for improper arrest - no disciplinary action was taken.

And an investigation is still open from an April incident, in which he's accused of using force with injury.