Story by Amy Morrow

Eyewitness News Reporter/Anchor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Chattanooga Police say officers fatally shot a man who came out of his house with a gun drawn early Tuesday morning.

We had live developing news coverage during Eyewitness News Today.

Investigators say officers shot and killed 29-year-old Andrew Carr after about 30 minutes of trying to talk him down. Police say Carr called 911 threatening suicide.

"He made a comment. He had a gun and was gonna kill himself or have police do it," says Police Captain Tim Carroll.

In the end that's what happened. Chattanooga Police Captain Tim Carroll says officers were forced to shoot Andrew Carr.

"He came out the front door with a revolver in his right hand pointed at the officers," says Carroll.

Carr was inside his home here on Graysville Road in East Brainerd alone. Investigators say negotiators were trying to diffuse the situation. In fact, they thought a few times Carr was going to give up his plan. But then...

"He came out, turned on the light. I started to get on the radio but it was that quick. I couldn't even get one on the radio to say he's got a gun," says neighbor Marsha McClendon.

Marsha McClendon lives across the street from Carr. Her dog woke her up around 3 AM.

"I got my feet on the floor and I heard... bang, bang, bang. It was like bang! bang! bang!," says McClendon.

Investigators say three officers were involved in the shooting. Carr was arrested this time last year and charged and with criminal trespassing. His neighbor says he seemed to be a nice guy who kept to himself.

"It does sadden my heart this close to home and not know of the need that we could help someone," says McClendon.

The three officers involved were Ed McPherson, Nathan Rogers and William Salyers. They're all on administrative leave for seven days, which is standard procedure. Two of the three have been involved in prior shootings.