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Local reaction to Polk County cockfighting bust

POLK COUNTY, DUCKTOWN, TN. (WRCB)-- Polk County deputies issued more than a 100 citations, and confiscated $20,000 at a chicken fight.

They worked for several months undercover.

An agency that participated in the raid said the conditions were gruesome. Dead and injured animals everywhere.

But locals say this has gone on for generations and police would do better to worry about bigger issues than chicken fighting.

"I mean people raise chickens a lot to fight them," says local ZAchary Reid. 

Days after local and federal agencies raided a cockfighting ring in the Grassy Creek Community of Polk County, the town is still talking.

"I saw that on the news yesterday and that surprised me," says Joy Panter. 

"We kill chickens everyday and eat them," says Kathy Steinback. 

"Chickens are going fight whether, you know, they're always going fight," says Reid. 

"I mean if these people have nothing better to do then I don't see anything wrong with it," says Steinback. 

"That's one of the slasher blades," says Detective Kevin Cole. 

The paraphernalia deputies recovered from the raid includes everything from gaffs, to the large blades handlers attach to a roosters leg.

"This was an extensive undercover operation," says Detective Kevin Cole.

Detective Kevin Cole with the Polk County Sheriff's Office says despite the 100 citations already issued even more will follow.

"There are federal charges pending and there will be further state charges pending," says Cole.

The United States Humane Society took possession of more than 150 live roosters after the raid in Grassy Creek.

"It's just the money and it's more of a habit and a hobby rather than them trying to kill chickens or anything like that," says Zachary Reid.

Zachary Reid says it's something that's always gone on in these small towns and it always will.

"In a place like this, as small as this is, you really don't have nothing to do," says Reid.

Police say they also recovered a small amount of marijuana that night.

Detective Cole says drug charges should follow in the next few days.

Federal charges against the people involved in operating and promoting the ring are also in the works.

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