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"Hands Across the Sands"

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Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)--A movement against offshore drilling that started before the spill is gaining momentum and spreading.

It's called 'Hands Across the Sands' because Floridians first started the movement by gathering on the beach.

They did so Saturday in Florida and in other places, such as the White House.

More than a 100 Chattanoogans joined the cause by gathering on the Walnut Street Bridge.

The two women who organized the gathering say it has nothing to do with politics or protesting. Instead their message is one of concern about the future of energy in our country and the negative effects it will have on their children and grandchildren.

"It all stems from wanting to leave a legacy for my children," says Caara Stoney.

This time last week these ladies didn't know they would be here today. Or that a group of 100 others would be standing with them.

"On Monday we were called by a friend who's doing 'Hands Across the Sands' in Florida," says Stoney.

"That's how we got 100 people here on the bridge was on our Facebook page," says Elizabeth Miller.

Caara Stoney and Elizabeth Miller say the gathering is not about politics or protesting.

"I would not say that there were any protestors here there were people who are concerned about their energy future," says Stoney.

Stoney says it's about standing against offshore drilling but not against the use of oil.

"Not saying no to oil because, again it's something that we all require at this point, but it's saying yes to sustainable energy future," says Stoney

After holding hands in silence, the group also passed around a petition for President Obama.

"Our government leaders do more in terms of our clean energy future," says Miller.

They say they're grieving over what's happening in the Gulf.

"I think people are feeling so low and we're so saddened by what's happening in the Gulf," says Stoney.

And this is a way to at least grieve but hopefully send a message too.

"It's a statement that says I am finally ready to make wise decisions and to start making the changes I need to make the future brighter for my children and my grandchildren," says Stoney.

Caara Stoney says they're planning another gathering at the Walnut Street Bridge after BP is finally able to stop the spill.

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