Chattanooga (wrcb) -  

Jesse Wright was arrested . The charges later dropped . After rushing his wife to the hospital last week. Wright originally told Channel 3 he treated the red lights like stop signs. But the video released by the city shows otherwise.  

Today the Chattanooga Police Chief Mark Rawlston re-affirmed the decision to drop all charges against Jesse Wright, but says the video justifies the pursuit. "That 12 seconds of video showed me that officer Daves was justified initiating traffic stop procedure."

Chief Rawlston also says what happened after that is all part of the internal affairs investigation.

This video is the only visual evidence of that night,the rest is the officer's word against Wright's.

You can see Jesse Wright run a red light on McCallie Avenue driving towards Erlanger. As wright passes  Officer James Daves hit the lights and followed.

We showed this video to the Wright family's attorney. He watched it several times before making this statement, "it doesn't really show anything, we don't see behind the stopping line on his side of the road. So we don't see when he stops, we merely see a car proceed through traffic."

Scott Maucere also said this video can be interpreted in a number of ways, and it's not clear that the light was even red.

Ch. 3 asked if one side is green, the other has to be red?

Maucere said, "you can make that argument."

He also says despite Jesse telling ch. 3 he treated red lights like stop signs that night, the red light is not the point.

"The question is what should they have done to address a medical emergency appropriately," said Maucere.

In a meeting between CPD and the Wright family this week, CPD apologized to Jesse and Aine, saying the situation wasn't handled properly.

On Tuesday all Jesse's charges were dropped, including the traffic violations.

Chief Rawlston says Jesse's actions were justified, "I know from our discussions that the necessity defense was valid in this case, and he needed to get his wife to the facility, and the investigation continues."

Officer Daves is still on paid leave during the internal affairs investigation.

CPD plans to change protocol for situations like these, using Jesse and Aline's feedback. Their attorney said they're unsure if they plan to take legal action.