By WRCB Staff

LAMAR COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI (WRCB)--On Monday June 21st Collegedale Police Department responded to a reported forcible kidnapping that evening at Angelica Textiles on Ooltewah Industrial Drive, in Collegedale.

While leaving work Ms. Frasisca Velasquez Perez was forcibly kidnapped and dragged into an awaiting car, by a Hispanic male.  Another unidentified person was seen behind the driver's seat before the car sped away from the parking lot.

The suspect was positively identified as Luis Pizarro Quinones, an estranged boyfriend of Ms. Perez.  From witness and family statements, Collegedale Investigators were able to confirm that Ms. Perez had been hiding from Quinones after suffering several injuries from a domestic assault committed by the suspect on June 14.  Chattanooga Police Department reported the domestic violence incident and an arrest warrant for domestic assault was issued for Quinones. After being released from the hospital she returned to work on the night of the kidnapping.

Collegedale Police were able to discover that Luis Pizarro Quinones was an fake name, and that the suspect's real name was Frederico Gonzalez Vasquez.

After an exhaustive 2 day investigation, Collegedale Investigators were able to locate the suspect and Ms. Perez in Lamar County, Mississippi, about an hour outside of Biloxi. 

The coordinated effort between Collegedale Police, Chattanooga Police, Federal Bureau of Investigators, and Lamar County, Mississippi law enforcement, led to the capture of the fleeing felon and the kidnapped victim.  The fugitive is currently being held, in Mississippi, on felony kidnapping charges. After crossing several state lines the victim, Ms. Perez is safe and is being taken care of by victim protection services.