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'Tunes 4 Troops' carry on

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Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

CLEVELAND, TN. (WRCB)-- It's been five years since a Cleveland eighth grader shipped her first box of CD's to a deserving serviceman overseas. After getting her school, community, state and country involved, Kaylee Radzyminski isn't shouldering the responsibility of 'Tunes 4 Troops' alone anymore.

It's packing day at Cleveland High School. 225 boxes full of music, movies, notes for our overseas troops.

"It helps them get through their day it brightens their day where maybe they didn't have a such good day," says Kaylee.

After thousands of boxes and e-mails from servicemen, 19-year-old Kaylee Radzyminski knows well how important 'Tunes for the Troops' has become over the years.

"It started off as me just wanting to do something nice it pretty much just exploded," says Kaylee.

For five years Kaylee and her mother happily shouldered the bulk of the burden themselves, but when the young woman started college last year something had to change.

"The going back and forth of all the cd's and DVD's were here in Cleveland and I was up in Cookville at Tennessee Tech," says Kaylee.

That's when Tennessee Tech stepped up.

"Through our rotary and interact contacts and Kaylee's service with interact we knew about her and about the project," says Susan Elkins, representative for Tennessee Tech.

Partnering with Cleveland's Lee University, Tennessee Tech will be taking over 'Tunes 4 troops'. Getting community service students on board and eventually moving packing days like these to Cookville, Tennessee.

"What would have taken me individually maybe a month to do like 50 to 60 of us knocked it out in about 3 hours," says Kaylee.

Which is a huge relief for the engineer major.

"Since Tennessee Tech is taking it over that's going to help me focus on school," says Kaylee.

In it's five year existence, 'Tunes 4 Troops' has sent close to 700,000 items with an estimated value of more than $12 million dollars.

So the cause, one that's earned national attention since a 15 year old ROTC student had the idea five years ago, will continue to pack and ship boxes to our servicemen.

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