By Danny Kennedy

Riverbend Reporter

"It's a show. Z-Man, as we call him, he's a cast member. I'm a cast member. We're all cast members. We have make-up, we have change of clothes, we have choreography. We do a rock show and have audience response. Every night is different and it's a lot of fun. By the end of the show, we are shooting off confetti and streamers," Appice said.

"My girlfriend said, if you had the chance to do something, what would you do? I said I want to do a drum circle again because I did one in '83 that is now the guitar center drum-offs. So, I decided to do a drum show and put something together so I auditioned people and found people."

"SLAMM is a rock-n-roll, physical drum show. Lot's of unique drumming, and a lot of choreography. We play on all types of props: the five gallon bucket, trash cans, large wooden poles, ironing boards, 55 gallon tubs, and even plastic cups. So, you get the whole array of everything. From A to Z as far as props," said Z-Man.

"I said to the owner, what do you have here? He brought out a ladder, a keg, a soda keg that looks like an oxygen tank."

"We even have audience participation which is a huge part of our show. It's a big party and it's a family fun show," said Z-Man. "There is a lot of high energy, a lot of theatrics, different twists that people would probably never expect to see on stage."

Carmine Appice's SLAMM performs on the Unum stage Saturday night at 9:30.